Wine Selection

White Wines

2019 Cervidae

Varietal: Pinot Grigio
$22 bottle | $9 glass

Tasting Notes:  This grape variety can be bland and sought after for its mindless drinkability but this vintage was exceptional and provided an ample amount of fruit character.  The grapes come from 2 separate vineyards with the average vine age of 6-28 years old.  The nose gives a fresh white nectarine with a slight bit of honeysuckle florality.  On the palate a fresh purity of lemon pith, raw almonds, hay and a hint of preserved lemons that makes the finish salty.  This wine is refreshing and mouthwatering, perfect for a hot day!

2019 Chardonnay Reserve

Varietal: Chardonnay
$36 bottle | $14 glass

Vineyard Location: Estate Vineyards

Tasting Notes: 2019 was one of the warmest seasons we had to work with resulting it super ripe, expressive chardonnay berries and an early harvest.  The color is a rich deep gold that makes you want to dive in head first!  This wine couldn’t be more different than the Oaked Chardonnay showcasing more golden ripe pineapple brushed with brown butter and notes of brown sugar.  Rich vanilla, toasted hazelnut and fresh sage.  Round, mouth-filling texture making you crave some grilled white fish or a perfect piece of cheese!


Varietals: Chardonnay – Vidal
$24 bottle | $10 glass

Tasting Notes: A familiar grape variety blended with, perhaps, a non-familiar grape variety.  Chardonnay on its own is light and easy drinking.  Vidal is a hybrid grape that grows unbelievably well in this region.  Together they make a harmonious wine that has fresh and vibrant flavors of lime and lemon candy and fresh kiwi.  High tones of peony flowers and dried grass notes give this wine its unique character. 


Varietals: Muscat Valvin – Riesling
$28 bottle | $11 glass

Tasting Notes:  Not to be mistaken for the sweet, bubbly version from Italy.  Muscat Valvin is another hybrid grape which makes it easy to grow in our region.  Being part of the muscat family it has familiar aromatics and flavors.  The classic orange blossom bursts out of the glass with fresh purple basil and tarragon.  Sweet and tart peach candy and orange marmalade notes that provide a mouth-watering acidity.  This wine is fun and easy going and probably pretty easy to put down 2 bottles…or 4!  We won’t judge!


Sparkling White Wine
We would call it Champagne…if we could.

Red Wines


Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Franc – Merlot – Carmine Franc

Tasting Notes:  These vineyards are our highest elevation giving the late ripening Cabernet Sauvignon the time it needs to ripen fully.  This is our Bordeaux-style blend, with the unique and personal touch of the Carmine Franc.  This hybrid was developed at Cornell and we are the only vineyard with access to this grape variety.  Off the vine, it’s very similar to Cabernet Franc but adds a deeper color and fresh violet character that jumps out of the glass.  This wine is fuller bodied with dark berry fruit of blackberry, elderberry, and cassis.  Dark, mulchy earthiness with sweet cigar box cedar and fresh tobacco.  Youthful and persistent tannins will call for red meat or ragu.   

Blushing Elk

Varietal: Chambourcin
$28 bottle | $11 glass

Tasting Notes:  Another hybrid grape that is extremely successful in our region.  This is a red grape done in a ‘rosè style’, kind of…  Why is it so dark?  Well, most red grapes have clear juice and to make a rosè you would need the red skins to provide the pink color, typically macerating for just a few hours.  However, Chambercin is in a small group of red grapes that actually have red juice.  This wine is made more like a white wine would be made and one of our favorite successes!  A perfect way to showcase a grape that can be a little too funky.  This wine is full of berry fruit, craisins, pomegranate, fuji apple and dried cherries.  It also has spicy floral notes of pink peppercorns.  Smells sweet on the nose but on the palate is dry but refreshing and fruity.  Green tea, mint, and cocoa nibs give this wine its classic Chambercin identity.   


Varietal: Cabernet Franc
$24 bottle | $10 glass

Tasting Notes: Like Viognier, Cabernet Franc is making a name for itself in our region.  These grapes come from the oldest plated Cabernet Franc vineyards, planted in 1978.  Older grapevines give more concentration and complex flavors.  This wine gives you tart red berries, cranberry, red apple, and candied violets.  Hints of black peppercorn, mint, and clean button mushroom provide the savory notes.  This wine is medium bodied with angular tannins looking for cured meats or even roasted chicken or pork with a fruit sauce.  Turkey and cranberry sauce also comes to mind!

Pinot Noir Reserve

2019 Estate Grown

Pinot Noir is a varietal of grape not easily grown in our area, however, Blue Elk Vineyard has been successfully harvesting this grape for 4 years. This medium bodied wine with its round and silky texture filled with ripe cherry, pomegranate, rose, sage and mushroom with notes of sweet
cinnamon spice on the finish.

Wapiti Rose

2021 Moscato Rose

Take a vacation with our new Moscato Rose’ as you relax in the array of fruit from the tart white peach through refreshing watermelon & ripe strawberry. On the nose find the fragrant gardenia and enjoy the delicate acidity in
the sweet finish.


Varietals: Chambourcin – Merlot
$22 bottle | $9 glass

Tasting Notes: Here we see Chambercin as a red wine.  It looks bright ruby in the glass and ready for your taste buds!  Red plum and cherries with a hint of turned earth, fresh tobacco and sweet cigar paper.  The palate is medium bodied mirroring the fresh red fruit.  Red rose, cinnamon red hots, rosemary, mint, and cocoa powder come across the palate going back and forth from the identity of the two grape varieties. Plush and juicy with a fine sandy texture. 


Prospector- Craft Cider

Gold Rush Apples
$16 bottle

Tasting Notes: Perfect cider apples make the perfect dry cider.  Enough natural sweetness from the apples give the palate a purity that makes you feel like you’re eating right off the orchard tree.  The nose gives exotic spice notes of sweet cinnamon, ginger and lemongrass.  When you drink the cider the essence of apple skins and yeastiness give it a touch of bitterness that balance the sweetness perfectly.  The bubbles feel almost creamy on the palate and make this cider fun to drink!