Blue Elk Vineyard sits on the sloped shore of the Elk River, and when the owners were designing their labels, decided to give their wines names to honor the spirit of the Elk and Elk River. Naming the wines were only one of the details, on each back label, is a different, informative paragraph to explain its meaning. For example, BUGLE, this is the call the Elk makes while looking for a mate or to exert dominance. LAKOTA, is the Native American Tribe that first named the Wapiti, or Elk. Our Patriot, our signature wine, tells of  the historical importance of this Estate, and I will leave for you to read the next time you come in.


The front label sports the mighty Elk in a gorgeous blue color, the owners’ daughter hand drew this Elk, when you see it, there is no mistaking the wine you are about to enjoy.


We hope you enjoy every small detail created when you visit and experience Blue Elk Vineyard.